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Yet another tiny town NC pastor loses his mind: 'Flush the Koran'

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“If we stand for what is right and for God’s word and for Christianity then the world is going to condemn us and so right away when I got a complaint I said, ‘Well somebody’s mad, somebody’s offended, so we must be doing something right,'”
— Rev. Creighton Lovelace of Danieltown Baptist Church, on his church sign that says ‘The Koran needs to be flushed.’

Yes, this is part of my state too. Out there in the hinterlands is Forest City, NC. It’s a picturesque town about 200 miles west of Durham, and home to yet another pastor who has a tenuous grasp on the meaning of the Golden Rule and “turning the other cheek.” Maybe Rev. Creighton Lovelace of Danieltown Baptist Church is friends with Waynesville’s former political pastor of stupidity, Chan Chandler. These zealots are so completely unhinged and don’t mind sharing their twisted thoughts that it scares me. (Durham Herald-Sun):

A Baptist minister refuses to apologize for a church sign saying the Muslim holy book should be flushed.

I believe that it is a statement supporting the word of God and that it (the Bible) is above all and that any other religious book that does not teach Christ as savior and lord as the 66 books of the Bible teaches it, is wrong,” said the Rev. Creighton Lovelace of Danieltown Baptist Church. “I knew that whenever we decided to put that sign up that there would be people who wouldn’t agree with it, and there would be some that would, and so we just have to stand up for what’s right.”

Seema Riley, a Muslim born in Pakistan and reared in New York, said she moved to Rutherford County, about 60 miles west of Charlotte, for the “small-town friendly” atmosphere. The church sign reading, “The Koran needs to be flushed,” angered her and made her feel threatened, she said. “We need a certain degree of tolerance,” Riley said. “That sign doesn’t really reflect what I think this county is about.”

Lovelace said he expected the sign in front of his 55-member church to also stir anger in some people. [No sh*t.]

Jim Diehl.

…Danieltown Baptist Church belongs to the Sandy Run Baptist Association. Each church in the association is autonomous, said the Rev. Jim Diehl, the group’s director of missions. “Each church can develop a stance on doctrinal issues and can develop its own stance on moral issues,” he said.

Note: The Freepers had a thread on this, but it was pulled. It must have been too full of hate for even the admin to take.

Thanks to House Blender Paul for the pointer.

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