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Wingnut American Family Association gives up its Disney boycott

AFA’s Tim Wildmon: “We’re just saying as an organization, after nine years of boycotting the Walt Disney Company, that we’re calling an end to it officially as a ministry agenda item.”

Chalk up a win in the homo agenda column. Am Taliban AFA propaganda organ AgapePress reports that the organization is throwing in the towel on its Disney boycott. I guess he feels Walt Disney World and the Disney studios are so overrun with fags that there’s no point focusing on the company. Ha ha.

The Mississippi-based American Family Association is announcing the end of its years-long protest against the Walt Disney Company. For nine years, the pro-family organization has urged its supporters to avoid anything Disney, but the boycott has now officially come to an end.

AFA president Tim Wildmon says there are a number of reasons for this recent decision, and chief among those reasons is what he calls “a culturally crowded battlefield.” The ministry’s leadership decided it was time to end the boycott, he explains, “because there are so many other issues we need to move on to and deal with that are taking our time and energy, and we feel like, if you’re going to call for a boycott of a company — if something has become that serious — you need to have all your resources behind it.”

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Pam Spaulding