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Out-of-state AmTaliban pushing hard on NC legislators to hear anti-gay marriage bill

Losers at the May 10 anti-gay protest in Raleigh; Rev. Mark Creech: “Every day this matter is delayed is another day the gay rights coalition have time to plan and strategize to redefine the timeless institution that is the greatest pillar of society.”

These creeps make me sick. There’s a reason that marriage amendment bills have not gone anywhere in our General Assembly. The Dems let the bills stay in committee and die, and local gay rights efforts by Equality NC and other progressive groups have helped keep this legislation at bay.

The economic engine of this state — the Triangle — is a formidable influence on this as well. With significant medical, educational and technology institutions in the area, they know that the extremist legislation – which also deep-sixes civil unions and legal arrangements between gay couples – will have an impact on the state’s national and international business reputation. That said, in 2004 we saw many other states with more progressive than NC’s pass marriage amendments because of the Rove Machine’s tactics that got them on the ballot. We dodged that bullet.

This is frustrating the Reich, and they have been pouring lots of money, time, and shipping ignorant people in to marshal protests to put the pressure on legislators to give this hate bill a hearing. Radio ads have blared over Christian stations to stir the sheeple in the rural counties to flood the mailboxes and phone lines of Senate Pro Tem Marc Basnight.

Homo-bigot local AmTalibaner Rev. Mark H. Creech (, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, is practically wailing over the situation here in the Tar Heel State.

Despite the fact that 18 states in our Union have already approved marriage amendments to their State Constitutions, the leadership in both the North Carolina Senate and House has resisted the hearing of legislation for the same in our state.

Although North Carolina’s laws against homosexual marriage are relatively strong, the State is still vulnerable to homosexual activists who would “judge shop” and challenge such laws and prevail in court. The definition of marriage is a matter the people, not the courts, should decide. Every day this matter is delayed is another day the gay rights coalition have time to plan and strategize to redefine the timeless institution that is the greatest pillar of society.

Phone calls need to be made to the office of House Speaker Jim Black (919.733.3451) and Senate President Pro Tempore, Mark Basnight (919.733.6854) asking them to stop playing Russian roulette with marriage and the family. They control what legislation is heard in our State. It’s time they stop stifling legislation for a State Constitutional amendment to protect marriage.

“Let us vote! Let us vote! Let us vote!”

Some of the choice words from the AmTaliban on the NC effort to enshrine hate in its Constitution. The unbelievable, bible-beating bullsh*ttery flows freely here. It takes your breath away:

Mike Johnson, legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund: “We are all seeing the full effects of the 1960s’ and 70s’ sexual revolution, radical feminism, no-fault divorce laws, and the rejection of moral absolutes — and God’s created order. Forty-five million babies have been murdered by legalized abortion. Pornography and crime have reached crisis proportions. Sodomy is now embraced by our courts, and the radical homosexual agenda is threatening the very definition of marriage. The culture is slipping into chaos and sexual anarchy. And yet, when we take a stand for America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, for morality, for traditional marriage, we are marginalized and persecuted. We are accused of being ‘intolerant’ … of violating the so-called ‘separation of church and state’ …. Thankfully, God’s people are finally waking up, and we are once again demanding a return to the Founder’s original intent, and to justice and righteousness in the public square …. The truth is religious conviction should influence our thinking on these issues, and on every aspect of our public lives.”

Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute, an affiliate of Concerned Women for America, argued this issue is about making sure our government doesn’t put its stamp of approval on wrongful sexual behavior. He said the term “sexual orientation” is a misleading term. “A lot of people misunderstand the term ‘sexual orientation,’ he said. ” ‘Sexual orientation’ was invented in the 1970s by homosexual activists as a radical challenge to the Christian worldview. In essence, ‘sexual orientation’ says you are born with certain desires, are therefore entitled to act on these desires, and this condition is just like skin color or ethnicity, thereby making it a civil right to be enforced against others who disagree. Contrast this with the Christian message, which is that we are all sinners in need of a Savior who offers us redemption. ‘Sexual orientation,’ quite simply, says that we are fine the way we are and don’t need Jesus. This is a terrible lie, and it traps people in sin instead of giving them hope for a better life. This is not about tolerance for homosexuals,” added Knight. “If the homosexual agenda is enacted, we will see the criminalization of Christianity in a few short years. It is already happening in Canada and Sweden, and we now have seen it happen in Philadelphia, where 11 Christians were arrested and jailed for preaching the Gospel at a public park during a homosexual street festival last October … this should send a chill down the backs of all freedom-loving Americans.”

Bill Maier, vice president for Focus on the Family, told rally attendants “the saddest thing about same-sex marriage and parenting is that it places adult desires above the interest of children.” He added: “Same-sex marriage intentionally creates motherless or fatherless families …. Gay activists will tell you that all children need is two ‘caring adults.’ But children need more than that … they need a mommy and a daddy….Same-sex parenting really boils down to those two words … ‘I want.’

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, contended that the potential for same-sex marriage is an urgent matter. He said many judges are just waiting for an opportunity to redefine the sacred institution. He warned North Carolina lawmakers resisting the push for a state marriage amendment: “Recent elections indicate that those politicians who get cold feet when it comes to giving the people a voice to defend marriage find themselves in the hot seat at election time. The people of North Carolina want to join the marriage march that is moving across this nation, promoting and protecting the institution of marriage.” Perkins called upon North Carolinians that support traditional marriage to do three things: (1) Pray for our leaders and for the promotion of marriage, (2) Don’t grow weary and stay in the battle, and (3) Don’t let America down. He said that North Carolina needed a Sta
te Constitutional marriage amendment to help make the case for a federal marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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