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NC GOP re-elects its hard-Right chair

Redneck Ferrell Blount was re-elected over black wingnut, Winston-Salem city councilman Vernon Robinson.

NC is a strange state. Despite AmTaliban characters such as Jesse Helms and Bill James, the citizens vote Democrat for its legislature and Repug for national offices. This problem was the talk of the recent GOP state convention in Asheville, and the re-election of knuckle-dragger Ferrell Blount highlights the frustration — and desire — to “take back the state.”

GOP’s state convention overwhelmingly re-elected Pitt County farmer Ferrell Blount to a second term as chairman Saturday. The vote repelled a challenge from Vernon Robinson, a blunt-spoken conservative city councilman from Winston-Salem and self-described “black Jesse Helms.”

[Blount] once erected a granite inscription of the Ten Commandments in city hall after a similar effort in Alabama drew national attention. And in his unsuccessful congressional primary race last year against Republican state Sen. Virginia Foxx, he bashed her as a “liberal feminist.”

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx and State Sen. Julia Bozeman got slagged by Blount.

…The dissatisfaction among some Republicans was fueled, in part, by North Carolina’s split political personality. The state tends to vote Republican in federal races and Democratic in state government elections. Robinson, in a forceful speech to the 1,075 delegates and alternates, charged that the state party had failed to capture the momentum of the growing Republican wave in North Carolina and the South. Republicans, while gaining ground in other states, lost the N.C. governor’s race and most of the top state offices and remain in the minority in the General Assembly.

“Now only Oregon has gone longer than North Carolina without a Republican governor,” Robinson said. “We lost seats in the General Assembly, including (2004 nominee for governor) Patrick Ballantine’s Senate seat to a lesbian,” he said, referring to Sen. Julia Boseman, an openly gay Wilmington Democrat.

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Pam Spaulding