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Most excellent NY-based blog community to check out

Liza Sabater of culture kitchen is one of the driving forces behind a just-launched New York progressive blogging community that you should hurry over to, The Daily Gotham. The early response has been great:

What an amazing first week.

I thought that I would be able to manage all the panels and conferences and networking and still launch this here site and do the tweaking and take care of business and what not.

Boy, was I in for a big surprise. Why? Because it did happen. I call on kossaks and netizens from all corners of the web and bit by bit you’ve come and without hesitation started to post and make this community space happen.

It may be a movie clich?Š but if you build they will most certainly come. You have come here, you’re making it possible. You’re making it grow.

Makes me want to re-activate my dual citizenship card (Tar Heel/New Yorker)!

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Pam Spaulding