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How's that war going, Chimpy?

Left: A U.S. Army Humvee burns after a car bomb attack in Baghdad May 24, 2005. Insurgents killed three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqis in car bomb attacks in central Baghdad on May 24, a day after a wave of suicide attacks and bomb blasts that killed at least 56 Iraqis. A sharp escalation in insurgent attacks since Iraq’s new Shi’ite-led government was announced four weeks ago has killed more than 600 Iraqis and deepened sectarian tensions, prompting Shi’ite and Sunni Arab leaders to open talks on reconciliation. (Thaier Al-Sudani/Reuters). Second photo: A man cleans as a US soldier walks past following a car bomb in central Baghdad. A London-based think-tank noted that the situation in Iraq was also creating a recruitment effect for terrorist groups, an aspect which remained ‘the proverbial elephant in the living room’ of US foreign policy (AFP).


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