My last goddam post on Keith Thompson

He’s been ridden hard and now it’s time to put him away wet, where, a week from now, shivering and mildewed, he’ll be wondering why Rush never calls anymore.

We neglected to mention that he’s a writer, one of those well-meaning souls who so dearly wants to put pen to paper (or type on the keyboard thing and make words appear on that TV-like thing, like all the kids are doing these days) to express themselves and explain the fact that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Or so I hear. Anyway, Keith is one of those guys who chucked it all away (the fame! the fortune! the hairline!) because he wanted to write so badly. And badly, he does:

Opening to this truth does not require embracing the GOP platform, or for that matter, signing up with the supposed correctness of, say, a rightwing ideology that’s as myopic as its left-wing counterpart. I say this in response to those who assert: “Okay, Keith. It’s clear why you’ve left the political left. Now, it’s incumbent on you to apply the same critic to the political right.”

Actually — no, it’s not incumbent on me to do that. Here’s why. I haven’t been laboring in the vineyards of conservative politics for most of my adult life, such that criticizing the right would be to criticize my own tradition. Whereas I have lived on the left, in such a way that coming to terms with my past commitments involves self-criticism.

Remember kids: if you just starting out in that crazy world of freelance writing…don’t try this at home.

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