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Your Tax Dollars at Work

A headline in today’s Washington Post: “States May Deny Sex Offenders Funds for Viagra.” They must be kidding, you say? Read on:

A federal agency began notifying states Monday that they do not have to pay for Viagra for convicted rapists and other high-risk sex offenders.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services acted one day after the New York comptroller’s office said audits from 2000 through March found that 198 sex offenders in the state received Medicaid-reimbursed Viagra after their convictions. Their crimes included offenses against children as young as 2, Comptroller Alan Hevesi said.

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist said later Monday that Medicaid has paid $93,000 to provide Viagra to 218 sex offenders in that state over the past four years.

Here’s what I don’t understand: year after year, the American people vote for conservative candidates. But it just doesn’t matter. You can vote for conservatism, but you can’t have it. No matter who gets elected, government programs spiral ever farther out of control. And–especially tonight–one really wonders whether there is anything the voters can do about it.

Yes, those of us in the reality-based community who have real experience with Medicaid and blue-collar insurance realize that John is a dolt. But first, allow me to parse his words.

In response to the Post story, John claims that “government programs spiral ever farther out of control.” Since this story is about a correction of a gross misjudgment (a correction apparently carried out by a liberal, since John is complaining about a lack of conservatism in such agencies), is John saying the new policy of not paying for Viagra is a sign of this horrible spiral? Does John want taxpayers to compensate certified perverts for their erectile disfunction? Regular Power Line readers would surely say not, but John’s fancy Dartmouth writin’ skills are seriously lacking. Perhaps composition was not part of the English requirements, or perhaps his shock and anger over the filibuster deal (he seems to have healthily skipped the “denial” stage) have left him as speechless as W. with a malfunctioning Tele-Prompter, and he simply isn’t thinking clearly.

Writing aside, Hinderaker implies that the method of passing out free hard-on pills to the likes of Kinko the Kid-Loving Clown was the due to the direct involvement of one of those liberal hippies hopelessly infesting every facet of our lives. More likely, such policy is the love child of Pfizer bedding a bureaucrat. On a similar note, my insurance provider (Aetna) will gladly give me a fistful of blue pills for the price of a heart-shaped Whitman Sampler and a bottle of Cold Duck, but if I want to buy a Dial-A-Day for my wife, I’m on my own. No lack of conservatism here. Health care – public or private – is increasingly the work of marketers and moralists, not moonbats.

Don’t like it? Well, if you subscribe to the incoherent, infantile tantrums of Time Magazine’s Blog of the Year, there’s probably nothing we as voters can do about it. That’s real patriotism, there.

As Keith Thompson might put it: you go, boyfriend!

Wait. That didn’t sound right….

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