Lay down yout weary trunk, Lay down the song you strum,

More fallout from the filibuster-buster that didn’t bust. The Big Trunk has retired Hattie Carroll allusions and moved onto to the other groovy sounds of the sixties:

I doubt that our readers need much commentary on the deal announced last night, and in any event John and Paul have provided everything I need. Last night I kept thinking of the titles of a few Aretha Franklin songs (and one Beatles song) as saying everything I had to say; I trust that you’ll fill out the points and transitions for me.

“Break It To Me Gently.” “Don’t Play That Song.” “Going Down Slow.” “Think.” “Prove It.” “Ain’t No Way.” “It Ain’t Fair.” “Pitiful.” “Drown In My Own Tears.” “Chain of Fools.”

I guess this is the end of philosophizing disgrace and criticizing all fears.

Don’t you hate it when a musical era ends?

Except for that swing thing from a few years ago. That sucked…

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