If it makes them unhappy, then why do I feel so bad

Like a lot of people I’m not sure that I care for the compromise (partly because it was announced by the human invertebrate, Joe Lieberman). I guess, like a hole card face down on the table, nobody really knew how the vote was going to go and so they all collectively blinked, giving up the bluff. The big upside is that the rightwing base is feeling betrayed and whenever they lose or even feel like they have lost…we win.

I don’t really care that Frist’s presidential ambitions may have been damaged by this because, having seen enough of him now, I never thought he had much in the way of “get people off the couch” appeal that will turn out the masses. At least Bush can pull off that ‘common guy’ crapola that appeals to people stupider than himself which helps supplement the true believers who aren’t stupid so much as insincere/hypocritical/soul dead (choose one…or all). Either way, Frist looks like a bigger out-of-touch privileged doof than he did before, so I guess that’s a plus.

I’m not happy that Owens may be confirmed in that I believe that she is corrupt to the bone. Brown isn’t corrupt, she just has a twisted soul, the kind that usually drives people to become Randians or Amway drones. As for Pryor, he’s a religious prig who will bring the full force of Opus Dei to the court (see Scalia, Fat Tony) and his youth is an indication that he’s being groomed to fill the Scalia seat when Tony’s God finally has enough of his shit and sends him packing on an eternal vacation.

But we have to look on the bright side, which is that the Democrats have left themselves some wiggle room when it comes to the Supreme Court, which is where the big boys play. The wildcard is whom the Puppet in Chief picks to replace Rehnquist as chief justice and who fills the open seat. Take solace in the fact that George Bush is just as much in the dark about this as we are. We all have to wait for Karl Rove to make his pick, and Karl hasn’t exactly been on a winning streak lately as he has gone from Schiavo to Social Security privatization and now this.

Turd Blossoms run of luck may have just run out.

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