Throw in a few “stroking the pony” jokes and it’s SRO.

Laura Bush isn’t exactly packing them in:

Mrs. Bush spoke at the Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center, a sparkling new structure overlooking the Dead Sea. It was the most high-profile event of a three-country tour that will include visits to programs that are advancing childhood education and women’s roles.

Her appearance came on the second day of a three-day international conference sponsored by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum. It brought together about 1,300 international business and political leaders as well as a few celebrities, such as actor Richard Gere. The forum is best known for its glitzy annual meeting in the Swiss ski resort of Davos.

In some ways, Mrs. Bush was speaking to the choir. She echoed the sentiments of many speakers at the conference and her appearance was not an overwhelming draw, with the auditorium only a little more than half full.

Maybe ‘flogging Flicka’ jokes don’t translate well.

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