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Dobson has Frist on a short leash for the 'nuclear option'

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We’ve been talking about the influence of AmTaliban James Dobson (Focus on the Family) for quite some time here on the Blend. It’s no surprise that his maneuvers behind the scenes to push the nuclear option on judicial filibusters via Frist have the traction that they do. He has no problem with smear and fear tactics against political figures, including wingnut Trent Lott, who felt Dobson’s heat recently over the nuclear option. When it was clear Bush wasn’t going to push for a federal marriage amendment, he and his Arlington Group knuckle-draggers threatened support for Chimpy’s Social Security dismantling campaign.

Dobson plays hardball, and his grubby hands are all over Bill Frist’s strident campaign to toss our system of government in the trash can to accomplish this extremist agenda. Not the removal of the filibuster, but the long-term goal of packing the Supreme Court with justices that will roll back the clock, attacking the hard-won rights of women, minorities and of course, the current social agenda whipping boy, the homos. Some good DKos diaries on the topic:

* Understanding the Republican “Nuclear Option”
* Frist (And When I Say Frist I Mean Dobson) Will Not Accept Any Compromise
* Frist Admits Filibustering Judges is Constitutional — Just Not When Democrats Do It

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