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Check out Nancy Goldstein's column: 'Hold On, Christian Soldiers'

Nancy Goldstein rocks on RawQ.

House Blend reader and ace columnist over at RawStoryQ, Nancy Goldstein, has an incredible column up, Hold On, Christian Soldiers. She takes on the conventional wisdom is that in order to win, the Dems need to basically suck the gnarly toes of the ethics-free theocrats for its political strategy. The ball-less, aimless, message-less, brain-dead Dem establishment and a good number of bloggers just want to cast certain tough issues (and the people behind them) overboard instead of coming up with ways to earn those votes back. The power brokers are willing to sell out principles of civil rights for a check in the win column, and Nancy’s not having it.

This blogosphere discussion is emblematic of a larger phenomenon that has snowballed in the wake of the 2004 election: in a harried quest to keep the Democratic Party from sinking, a number of its members are looking for something to throw overboard. So far the leading contenders appear to be reproductive rights, LGBT rights, and separation of church and state – the populist social issues that both Democrats and the radical Republican right credit with determining the election’s outcome.

But thinking that these issues cost Democrats the election, or that abdicating responsibility for them will win the next one, is sheer wistful denial. The poor bastards running Kerry’s campaign couldn’t even figure out how to defend a war hero from a dirty-trickster AWOL National Guardsman, let alone defend the basic tenets of their party platform.

Amen, sister.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding