Me and S-Jack? He’s one of my boyz, yo.

Along with the I-Podster, NRO has added Warren Bell.


Warren Bell.

The Warren Bell.

Oh come on. He’s a TV writer. The PJ’s. Life’s Work. What I Like About You. Off Centre. Here, maybe this will refresh your memory about Off Centre:

Two men, a British stud and an American doofus, share an apartment in New York City where they try to pick up a variety of women “supermodels” for themselves.

Yeah. That Off Centre.

Oh, and he’s partly responsible for According to Jim which will be part of the many charges brought against him when the Cultural Revolution and Show Trials gear up right after we overthrow the government next Octo-… Nevermind. It’s nothing. Forget I mentioned it.

Anyway, The Corner brought Warren on board to add some more of that Hollywood glitz that is synonymous with Republicans and conservatives and John Derbyshire. Tonight Warren provides us with a review of that movie that I won’t be seeing because I didn’t see the last two and life is too short to waste on six hours of bad dialogue and special effects ( besides I used two of those hours on Riddick last summer and it almost made me a Catholic again just so I could go to confession and cleanse my soul).

But I digress. Sez Warren:

With all due respect, I think John Pod made a mistake in his review of ROTS. I think he reviewed it as a movie, when it really needs to be reviewed as a Star Wars movie. And in that light, where we all agree that George Lucas has systematically lowered the bar for a hit movie with leaden dialogue, stilted performances, and childish reliance on digital spectacle over actual human drama, ROTS is by far the best Star Wars movie since Empire Strikes Back.

Oh, the dialogue can be creaky. The Anakin-Padme scenes have the same awkward feel that made one wag call Attack of the Clones “Anakin’s Creek.” And what kind of director does it to take to make Sam Jackson look bad? Lucas also long ago decided that “storytelling” meant having two characters sit onscreen and tell the story to each other, rather than playing it out in action….

Did you catch that? Not Samuel L. Jackson. Not Samuel Jackson. No…it’s Sam Jackson.

Damn fucking straight he’s down with SJ, and when he wants to get together with Sam and talk shop, he just stops by here and they talk for hours and hours.

It’s so cool to know celebrities…

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