Demagoguery Watch

When it comes to good journalism, Hugh Hewitt is representin’. The speakers are Hugh Hewitt (HH) and ABC correspondent Terry Moran (TM):

HH: But there’s nothing wrong with the president saying that. I’d like you to explain for me what is wrong with the president himself, not his spokesperson, but if the president came down to the press room and said, I think Newsweek ought to get on their knees in front of the American people and beg their forgiveness for causing deaths of innocent people, and injuring our position in the world. What would be wrong with that?

TM: That, in my judgment, would be demagoguery.

HH: Why?

TM: If the president of the United States came before the American people and said that American publication ought to get down on its knees and beg forgiveness, you don’t think that’s demagoguery, then you’ve been teaching Constitutional law too long.

HH: I’ve been a broadcaster for fifteen years. I know demagoguery when I hear it. That’s not.

TM: But you practice it.

HH: I do not practice it. I practice good journalism, which is to represent I’m no better than any other American citizen. As a journalist, I don’t have…

TM: You’re no better than any other American citizen?

HH: Absolutely not. And if the president wants to criticize me, if a Democrat…for example, when Bill Clinton went after Rush Limbaugh, I didn’t mind that at all. That’s just fine. Rush got a great deal of attention out of it, and the criticism falls where it may. I don’t understand…

TM: Well, I defend Rush Limbaugh as well from that.

HH: Why are you guys so thin-skinned? Why don’t you understand the contempt the White House press corps is held in by the American public?

Hugh doesn’t practice demagoguery. He got it down cold.

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