Well, yeah, context is everything..

Borrowed from Steve Gilliard:

Robert Steinbuch, a staff attorney for Sen. Michael DeWine, has filed suit against infamous Washington blogger Jessica Cutler, aka Washingtonienne, for disclosing intimate details about their relationship, one of several she detailed in her Web postings. Cutler, who referred to Steinbuch primarily as “RS” in her blog but didn’t disguise certain telling facts about him (his occupation, his place of residence, the fact that he is a twin), tattled to the world that Steinbuch was into spanking, hair-pulling, submissive women, dirty talk and handcuffs, though Steinbuch says she took his alleged predilections out of context.

I can’t help thinking that as Steinbuch made those comments, deep inside he was thinking “I can’t believe I’m saying this.”

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