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You gotta hand it to the Korner Kids. They took their Dog and Doughy Pantload Show down to Red State Georgia and probably blew more on hotel rooms and fatty snacks then they raised, soooooo….

JUNE 23 [K. J. Lopez]
The date is set and the room is booked! Join NR in Chicago next month for a fundraiser. Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Jay Nordlinger, John Derbyshire, Andrew Stuttaford, and Byron York will be there. Me too. We’re all looking forward to meeting you there–do come if you can! Details are here.
Posted at 11:03 AM

By room, I suppose she’s means the room where all of their Chicago fans can meet and make awkward chit-chat, as opposed to booking one hotel room that Kathryn, Jonah, Rich, Jay, John, Andrew, and Byron will share to keep down expenses. Seven people…one bathroom…and Jonah is in the mix.

The possibilities are horrifically endless.

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