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Sick f*cks in Louisiana arrested in child sex-cult ring

Chris Labat, Louis Lamonica, and Austin Bernard are charged with unbelievably heinous crimes.

Three Arrested in Sex Ring Involving Kids, Animals, and Church. Do you even know where to begin with this case? In the deepest part of the fundamentalist bible belt, we all know the darkest of perversions lie. Every possible cliche accompanies this horrible story.

* it takes place in the deep South
* these guys are your typical, redneck crackers
* it involves church members AND the minister
* the acts took place IN the church
* it involves bestiality
* a law enforcement officer allegedly took part in the abuse

Who wants to put money on it that one or more of these wretched excuses for a human being is married and has kids? I truly hope that is not the case, but it would complete the above sad list.

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s office has broken up what they call a “child sex abuse cult.” Three members of a Ponchatoula church have been arrested for allegedly raping children, and in some cases, having sex with animals. Some of the kids are as young as two years old.

The Tangipahoa Sheriff’s office says the alleged abuse occurred two years ago. Sheriff Daniel Edwards says his office began investigating the Hosanna Church more than a month ago, after getting information from a mother of an alleged victim. The big break in the case came Monday when the church’s minister turned himself in to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office, and allegedly named names, one of whom was a Sheriff’s deputy.

Sheriff’s officials say certain church members allegedly raped children and animals in a cult-like fashion at the Hosanna Church. A nieghbor says when he found out about it, “It surprised me. But I wouldn’t put it pass them. They were weird looking people to begin with.”

Livingston Sheriff’s Detective Stan Carpenter says church minister Louis Lamonica turned himself in on Monday and admitted to having oral and anal sex with kids for years… and that’s not all. “He was basically showing the kids how to have sexual relations at a very young age. That is just something children at that age, they shouldn’t have to know anything about that,” says Carpenter.

Lamonica also allegedly named other church members in the child sex ring. They include Austin Bernard and Chris Labat. Labat is a patrol deputy with the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s office. Livingston Sheriff Daniel Edwards says, “It certainly doesn’t make me happy to be a human being to have fellow human beings that are capable of doing what is alleged to be done here. To have a member of this Sheriff’s department involved in any way is disheartening.” [Police said Bernard confessed to detectives that he had sex with a young girl in November 2002 and admitted to knowing about sexual acts involving children and a dog that occurred at Hosanna Church.]

How many others were allegedly abused at the church? No one knows. But investigators have faith more arrests will be made as they uncover what really happened inside the church. All three men are in prison on aggravated rape charges, and Deputy Labat has been fired.

I just don’t want to hear another word about the evils of being a law-abiding gay citizen when allegedly Christian, sick, predatory pedophiles like these monsters are running loose committing unspeakable acts in a house of worship.

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