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Oregon homo-bigots said OK to civil unions — until after the marriage ban passed

Ben Westlund’s trying to do the right thing in Oregon, but the local bigots as well as his party are coming after him.

“In the campaign by the proponents of Measure 36, it was very clear that civil unions were OK…But now that 36 has passed, all of a sudden they’re not.”
— Oregon State Sen. Ben Westlund, on wingnuts changing their tune, once a gay marriage ban passed.

I feel sorry for this Oregon legislator, but he clearly doesn’t know what kind of wingnuts he’s up against. It’s another case of an attempt to thwart local gay civil rights efforts by the shameless, lying, hypocritical Reich. The sad part is that this Republican won’t get support from his own party while he twists in the wind. Bullsh*t.

Anti-gay rights groups and conservative activists are ratcheting up the pressure on Sen. Ben Westlund, R-Tumalo, and a colleague who have proposed allowing civil unions for same-sex couples and outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Critical postcards flooded Central Oregon mailboxes this week courtesy of the Oregon Family Council, which was instrumental in the successful Measure 36 campaign that outlawed gay marriage. Bend-based religious radio station KNLR-FM also is encouraging people to call Westlund and voice their opposition to Senate Bill 1000, which bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and establishes procedures for civil unions. The phone at Westlund’s Capitol office has been ringing since.

Meanwhile, the executive board of the Deschutes County Republican Central Committee will call Westlund to the carpet on Friday to explain his support of a measure that board members unanimously oppose. “We’re very disappointed in him,” said Richard Morehead, the local party chairman.

Westlund is one of four sponsors of the bill. The others are Sen. Frank Morse, R-Albany; Sen. Alan Bates, D-Ashland; and Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown, D-Portland.

Drop him a line of support, for his courage:

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