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What Shakes Sis said on Newsweek

I was mulling over whether to weigh in on this whole Newsweek/Qur’an flushing story, when Shakes Sis — who has somehow tapped into my brain — said what I was thinking.

Am I really supposed to be outraged that our military interrogators are so insensitive that they allegedly flushed a holy book down the toilet, when I already know they’ve put people on leashes, smeared them with shit and menses, attached electrodes to their genitals, critically beat them, and a slew of other physical offenses that I find ever so much more objectionable than the desecration of a holy book? Am I really supposed to be outraged that a news magazine may have rushed something into print before it was fully confirmed, when I already know that our media is irrevocably fucked? Am I really supposed to be outraged that the administration has intimidated Newsweek into an apology, when I already know that Bush & Co. are the unchallenged masters of media manipulation and intimidation?

Yes. My two cents is — we all know the incident probably happened, after all the rest of the abusive sh*t that has gone on. Bush and Co saw this blowing up into mass Islamic hysteria and the only way to put the kibosh on it was to intimidate NW editor Mark Whitaker into letting the magazine taking the fall.

The mainstream news media is almost completely, fraudulently in bed with the power brokers. All Chimpy’s folks had to do was threaten journalistic access to White House staff, for example, and of course Newsweek would roll. The newsmagazines are so competitive that it’s equally plausible that Newsweek played fast and loose with standards to beat existing (and New Media) to get out a hot story — you think that this is the only time something like this has occurred?

It is indeed hard to get outraged when things have been circling the drain for so long.

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Pam Spaulding