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Stronach gives Conservative BF the heave-ho

Two..two…two screw-overs in one! Belinda Stronach publicly dumped her Conservative boytoy (Peter MacKay, in the left pic) AND her party leader Stephen Harper (R) by switching over to the Liberals.

She says it’s a “break,” but if I were Peter MacKay, Conservative deputy leader in Canada’s Parliament, I wouldn’t wait by the phone. (cnews):

They started off as a political golden couple, but wound up a wincing example of why you shouldn’t date someone from work. “Never dip your pen in the company ink,” as one Conservative insider put it. With news reverberating around Parliament Hill of Belinda Stronach‘s blockbuster bolt from the Tories to the Liberals, the indelicate question was unavoidable: What about Peter MacKay? Belinda Stronach Peter MacKay

Stronach’s well-publicized romance with the Conservative deputy leader charmed many of the hard-hearted vote-counters who populate Parliament Hill. Both were photogenic. Both were ambitious. And their relationship could hardly have come to a more disastrous end. Sources confirmed the pair are taking a “break” from the relationship first made public in January.

“Suffice it to say, I’m very happy and quite smitten,” MacKay beamed at the time.

Tory insiders now say he was one of the last to know of Stronach’s planned defection. MacKay got the news early Tuesday and had the unhappy task of notifying Conservative Leader Stephen Harper.

If he was smitten a few weeks ago, he’s probably smoked today,” said a party source.

Harper didn’t get a call from Stronach until moments before she appeared at Prime Minister Paul Martin’s side to make the jaw-dropping announcement.

If you can believe it (and I know you do), the Freepi commentary on this is enlightening…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Hillary, look out. She’s made two big moves to take your place.”

“Did she meet with Bill Clinton at some point in the past year? It’s pretty scary to think that she was the runner-up for the Conservative Party leadership in Canada. Sounds to me like she was a faux conservative.”

“If Shrillary knew it would further her career, she would jump into the bed with them.

“Thanks ever so much for that disturbing mental image. I’m going to go shower now.”

“One of the sleaziest greasy treacherous harlets in canadian political history ! ! !”

“Suffice it to say,she may have made a deal with the devil aka,socialist Liberal party, to prop this corrupt mafia-esque political party for the interim,but she will lose her seat in parliament.The socialist Liberals may survive the budget vote on may 20th and validate canada as a banana republic,but in the next election,if there is ever one,Stronach will lose her seat in parliament.Who`d vote for scum like that.”

“Unfortunately, most of her constituents owe their livelihood to her dad’s company. She’ll be the party’s new Sheila Copps- a bimbo who keeps her job because she’s got loads of cash and personal popularity behind her.”

“but in the next election,if there is ever one,Stronach will lose her seat in parliament.Who`d vote for scum like that. I’m not sure, but I guess if we asked Carolyn Parrish’s constituency, we might get an idea. :-(“

“What will Martin not do to stay in power. Who is he going to give a blowjob to next? It seems to me that much of Ontario don’t see the Liberals as anything but centre. Not left of centre as I see them. Did they not hear Martin last year when he said the Liberals and NDP have the same values?”

“Why has the United States succeeded in breaking the Easter Establishment barrier – under Goldwater – but Central Canadians still have a biased against anyone that is not from Ontario or Quebec?”

“I believe Canada is better off if the parliament never gets on doing anything. If it means no more money is wasted, the whole lot of them can go on permanent vacation.”

“McKay’s penis is reportedly smaller than Scott Brison’s, thus the switch. There’s no other way after you’ve tasted GAY, she is reported to have said. Stronach figures she can convert affirmed homosexual Brison into an honest man, seeing as how her billionaire father does run a parts replacement company, and she was appointed the CEO based on her astute business acumen and year of service.”

“This has been a setup from the get-go when she and Brison ran for the leadership 2 years ago.
So the CORRUPT liberals are calling in the markers
She is a political lightweight.
She ran…because we needed a womwn on the ballot
To show how politically correct the Conservatives were
Nothing more…nothing less”

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