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CharMeck County Board meets tonight; wingnuts are coming out

This evening, Commissioner Bill James and his wingnut supporters are coming out to make a stink over a proposed resolution to add sexual orientation to the county’s employment policy.

Parks Helms and Jennifer Roberts are bravely moving forward despite a barrage of hateful and ignorant emails from James and his ilk since last week’s announcement that the measure would be on the agenda. Roberts issued a statement:

It is never right to discriminate, or to engender hatred and violence, against people just because of who they are. Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, women, and people of color have all been targets of violence in the past and in the present just because of who they are. A humane society should not stand by while this happens.

This issue has nothing to do with sex, it has to do with justice and equality. This should not be a partisan issue or a religious issue, and in fact it is my deep belief in the Christian values of tolerance, peace, humility, charity and acceptance that helps me support this so strongly.
— Jennifer Roberts

“The proposed resolution redefines the county’s equal employment policy. It would read: “The County will make all decisions regarding the terms and conditions of employment including hiring, training, promoting, and terminating employees without discriminating on the basis of race, color, sex, religion or creed, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability as defined by applicable state and federal law.

House Blenders have been doing their part to “educate” Bill James on his ignorant stand, sending some reasoned smackdowns (Misty, you really schooled that bastard!). The fun part is that the dumb*ss always writes back with completely ludicrous defenses for his homophobia. Here just one diatribe.

From: “Commissioner Bill James”
Subject: RE: doing god’s work
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 16:30:59 -0400

All the GOP are opposing it. Perversity is not diversity. You can try and re-define the Bible all you want. Fake Christians are good that way.

The Bible condemns it and clearly says that unrepentant homo’s are going to Hell.

That is the kind of Christian I am. One that understands the Bible, knows what it says and believes it. I will not support or endorse Sodomy. Period.

Bottom line (a term homo’s seem to “understand”). The Democrats promotion of sodomy and other perverse activities including “gay marriage” will be used against them in the next elections.

In the current edition of the “Charlotte Post” is the following (page 2A):

“Did Mecklenburg County Commissioner Parks Helms really step into it when he proposed the board study same-sex benefits?”

“Fly’s spies say that even some sho-nuff Democrats are uneasy about supporting benefits for gay couples or anyone who hasn’t done the ‘I do’s”.

“Of course, political bad boy Bill James is having a political field day with the Democrats dilemma. Just think – he didn’t even have to drown anyone’s e-mail to raise a stink. Helms’ allies are doing that”. If the Democrats pursue it will use it to insure GOP control of the County Commission in much the same way that Bush used it to kill off Kerry. It is that simple.

Ya feel lucky today?

Commissioner Bill James
Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners
Matthews, North Carolina

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding