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And I thought they were talking about clean sheets

Here you go folks, this one is red meat. I don’t know where these people come up with such nonsense? Can they just not order the porn?

A new website is up and running, providing a valuable service to families and business travelers who don’t want to stay in hotels that offer in-room pornography. The website has been in the works for four years — and now, is a reality. Phil Burress of the Cincinnati-based Citizens for Community Values came up with the idea because he felt there needed to be a resource for people to book a hotel room and be assured there would be no pornography on the room’s television. “So rather than just curse the darkness and just keep complaining about this, we decided to launch into an opportunity to offer people a new way of dealing with this problem,” Burress explains. “About four years ago, we birthed the idea of, and we surveyed 43,000 hotels across America. We identified the hotels that do not offer in-room, hard-core, pay-per-view pornography.” Burress says by using the website, not only can families be assured they will not be exposed to pornography, but they will be supporting companies that care enough about their customers to not offer pay-per-view porn.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding