Fetch me a gaggle of Guckerts…

Usually we turn to Holden who owns the gaggle gig (which you can read here) for the McClellan laughfest, but we stopped by the Power Line to see how Hindrocket was taking it, seeing his “lawyer” buddy Norm Coleman getting his Hind Rocketed by George Galloway this afternoon. Hmmm. Oddly silent. Possibly because Coleman got (as my grandmother would have put it) “tore up from the floor up” for his pains.

But the ex-Rocket Man did take up the gaggle today where the press, oddly uncowed by the threat of being supplanted by Pajama Wankers LLC, actually asked Scotty some questions and weren’t willing to let Scotty give them the usual handjob about how President I Fondle Flicka “honors” the military for their service, therby shutting off all debate. Of course, in order to make his point, der Rocketmeister chose to not post McClellan’s answers (aka the Scotty Samba) because, well, Scotty didn’t bring his C-game today, much less his A or B.

So what did Hinderacher have to say? I’m glad you asked:

It didn’t seem to occur to any of the reporters that they were exhibiting the same kind of anti-administration partisanship that got Newsweek into trouble.

And we thought that Newsweek got in “trouble” over a story that the administration sorta-kinda confirmed but really didn’t but it was all reported before and whatever we said a few days ago is a historical document that means nothing now…USA! USA! USA!

So you could have fooled us.

Meanwhile, John links to his newest bestest friend since Coleman got a Limey beatdown, Roger Kimball whose chin would be all aquiver with rage about Newsweek…if only he had a chin.

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