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Kenny Mehlman: GOP is "best party for minorities"

The oh-so-unofficially-heterosexual Ken-boy Mehlman, chair of the Repug National Committee, is sucking up to the black folks again. And guess what, he has more takers — the latest small fish to drink the Kool-Aid is Harrisburg, PA City Councilman Otto Banks, who switched parties to join the Repugs. Smell the flaming pile of sh*t:

Mehlman said his visit here was part of an ongoing effort to support minority candidates across the country, and to recruit minorities into the Republican party.Those objectives can be accomplished through “education reform, [supporting] small-businesses, home-ownership initiatives,” Mehlman said. He said the Republican agenda is “designed to help working Americans.”

Banks: “The Republican party has a direct relationship with people of color.”

Mehlman said the Republican party “is the party that offers people the opportunity for the American dream.”

Mehlman said home-ownership initiatives and support for small businesses are critical steps to help people see that they have opportunities to realize their own dreams. “We need to make sure we close the gap between minorities and non-minorities in home-ownership, [through] mortgage protection, mortgage insurance and financial literacy,” he said.

Can he really utter this stuff with a straight face? Hahahahaha.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding