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Gay marriage anniversary wingnuttery from Agape Press

Tomorrow (5/17) is the anniversary of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts (congrats to all of you that tied the knot on that historic day!). The knickers are in a twist over at American Family Association’s propaganda organ, Agape Press — witness the headline: Mass. Pro-Family Groups Resist Homosexual Activism’s ‘Reign of Madness’. Based on the article, you’d think that the world has gone homopocalyptic and that Christians are on the run with the dogs nipping at their heels.

…the citizens have endured a “reign of madness” since the fateful Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (MSJC) ruling that cleared the way for same-sex couples to marry legally in that state.

Brian Camenker of the Article 8 Alliance says since the MSJC legalized same-sex unions, Massachusetts has become overrun by homosexuality. “Even driver’s licenses now, when you renew them, have a question such as, ‘Has your sex changed?'” he notes.

And since the MSJC ruling, Camenker points out, parents can no longer opt their children out of pro-homosexual lessons and activities in school. During school assemblies, he asserts, speakers will come in and tell the young people gathered “that the Bible’s prohibitions on homosexuality are essentially misinterpretations, and if your parents believe them then they’re wrong.”

Parents have even been arrested by police for resisting having their kids exposed to homosexuality, the pro-family advocate claims. “Society is going through this enforced homosexualization in Massachusetts,” he says. “It’s truly frightening.” For example, he points to Lexington parent David Parker, who was arrested and charged with “trespassing” at his son’s elementary school during a scheduled meeting with the principal and the town’s Director of Education over his objections to homosexual curriculum materials.

Camenker and other traditional family supporters feel the MSJC’s ruling legalizing homosexual marriage was tantamount to ripping the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts into shreds. In addition, he maintains that parents and others who believe in the biblical view of homosexuality are being vilified in the schools by supporters of the educators’ unions.

In response to all this, the Article 8 spokesman reveals that a big rally is being planned for City Hall Plaza in Boston, with its number-one priority being to inform the media and the public about what is going on. “Essentially, we’re going to outline to the press the kinds of things that have been going on in this year that have oppressed the people,” he says, such as “the incredibly accelerated homosexual agenda in the schools because of this [court ruling].”

My, my, there goes our incredible power to destroy society again.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding