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I haven’t had time to post today outside of the epic CharMeck post and Tar Heel Tavern. I’ve been getting quite a bit of mail from House Blend regulars about things in the news, so I’ll pass these tidbits on for comment…

* Cat in Canada reports that Focus on the Family’s exported its wingnuttery to the Great White North — and hiring. Boy, that’s heartwarming, isn’t it?

* Paul in SF pointed to the unbelievable story about “driving while gay,” where cops in Ohio are targeting cars with rainbow stickers that are in parks, looking for gay men cruising to bust them. A Dayton cop that participated in one of these busts told a gay man, “The bumper stickers are going to have to come off.” Paul had these comments.

Think about it. If no-interested men were being approached, the cops could simply send in any cop in plain clothes to get hit on. Only that doesn’t work. To be able to get their arrests the cops have to send in men dressed suggestivly, and those officers have to get into long and intimate conversations with those gays they are targeting. See the parts I have highlighted in the story. In one case the cop asked to get his dick sucked. In another the cop engaged the gay man in conversation in a rest room and continued that conversation as they left the rest room and moved to a different part of the park where finally the gay man did something that he could be arrested for.

In other words these cops had to pretend to be looking for sex. Someone who wasn’t interested in sex, but was there simply to use the facilities would have never let the situation drag on to that point.

Note too that the courts over the years have declared that sex in an outdoor setting is not illegal for gays or straights. It only becomes illegal when it takes place where someone else can see it and becomes offended. In otherwords if you go far enough off the beaten track to where it is likely no unsuspecting person will stumble across you, then you have the right to expectation of privacy. Look how these cops ignored that Ohio law.

* Faithful Progressive announces he’s contributing to Christian Alliance for Progress, a blog organized in response to the Right hijacking the public face of Christianity. From The Cavalry Has Arrived:

After years of sitting back and watching the public perception of Christians plummet as the intolerant and often extreme Christian right established itself, here was finally a national organization with the skills and resources to present another vision of the faith that sustains me. It’s been a long time in coming–there were many moments when many of us felt terribly alone…

* Mike Tidmus, as usual, stirs the pot with some hilarious graphic imagery, this time in response to Bill Frist and the “nuclear option” re: judicial nominees:

Unidentified Fristian operatives unveil the briefcase nuclear device they intend to detonate in the US Senate in the coming week. It’s too late to duck and cover. It’s here. If you’re uncertain about how serious the fallout is going to be when the theo-cons go nuclear, pick up a copy of the May issue of Harper’s magazine.

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