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Welcome to the Tar Heel Tavern a traveling carnival of North Carolina bloggers. Today’s gathering is at Pam’s House Blend, a local coffeehouse, a comfy place to relax, kick back and discuss events of the day. The room is full of plush sofas and big chairs, and local bloggers are gathering to discuss what they’ve been typing about this week.

As the smell of java and warm pastries, cookies and tea fill the air, folks are settling down for a spell to share, as soft music plays, and folks mellow out. Grab a cup of java, a smooth chai, or English Breakfast tea and a scone and join me!

Jay Ovittore’s Blog, is talking about the legislation on the NC House floor that would allow pharmacists to decide if, women can have their birth control or Morning After Pills, or men can
have their Viagra, “You Don’t Have To Do Your Job If It Is Against Your Morals.”

Ogre’s Politics & Views is holding court, actually, presenting Good North Carolina Court News, and advocating that judges on the North Carolina Supreme Court should not be appointed by the governor.

Plebeian Hick at Scrutiny Hooligans is settling in for a discussion of “Fear and Loathing in the Great Parenthesis: Why the Religious Right is Wrong.”

Patrick Eakes is chatting about An American Hero here in NC, Martin Eakes of the Center for Community Self Help, recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential North Carolinians of the 20th Century.

Andy Clarkson of Charlotte Capitalist is hopping mad, but engaging folks with “Hell No, I Won’t Glow,” about Duke Power’s filing with North Carolina regulators for licenses to build new power generators that would be fueled by coal, natural gas and oil and has repeated its interest in a new nuclear plant.

Ron Hudson of 2sides2ron is relaxing over in a chair and a cup of Joe and wondering about Freedom of AND FROM Religion….Did the founding fathers forget something? He states, “gay people have often been accused of “recruiting others” by the Religious Right, yet it is the very same Religious Right who keeps coming back to recruit me. Did the founding fathers ever envision this kind of intrusion into one’s privacy?”

Tony Plutonium of offers Advice to Grads…advice (that they’ll never heed) for all those kids in the java
shop frantically studying for that last final.

Billy The Blogging Poet of is with friends sitting around drinking coffee that are suggesting titles to him at the center table for future ideas and he shares “And it all came crashing down!“, inspired by a North Carolina blogger and television news photographer named, Chris Weaver, who works for FOX8 in High Point and writes the TV Photo Blog.

Favorite food memories from childhood is the hot tasty topic over at Judy Carrino of Just Ask Judy‘s table.

Science And Politics blogger Bora ssays he’s an old man in a wheelchair who comes to the coffeeshop every morning and bores everyone to death with his senile incoherent stories about the good ole’ times when I was young, in his post “39.” Hey Bora, I’m going to be 42 this July…hardly ready for the wheelchair, lol.

Looks like there’s an open invitation to Jon Lowder’s hometown leaders (we’re talking Winston-Salem, Forsyth County) to start their own “fireside chat” via blogs which he’s happy to host and help them create over a hot cup of java.

I’m chatting up folks about the latest wingnuttery about CharMeck County Commissioner Bill James attempting to thwart fellow Commissioner Jennifer Roberts’s efforts to add sexual orientation to the county’s anti-discrimination laws.

I offer a last refill and and folks slowly make their way back home, after a lot of fun, laughs and hopefully not too wired from the caffeine.

The next Tavern will be hosted by Ogre’s Politics & Views.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding