I hate it when the Bible does that

Motel Messiah&#153 Doug Giles disputes the Bible:

What is wrong with the woman who’ll let a man—husband or not—with a rap sheet that includes twenty plus violent offenses, with one that entails wielding a chainsaw at kids, who, in addition, stated several times he wanted to kill her, still be allowed to share air with her?

Ladies . . . get a little more protective of yourself and your kids. Duh. Get a little bit more dignified and start shopping elsewhere for a good man verses(sic) some goofy ghoul. Get a tad bit more self esteem and stick a Smith Wesson model 29 in the face of any dill-weed* who threatens anyone with physical or sexual abuse and tell him you plan on pumping him full of hot 240 grain hollow points if he shows his sorry backside around you ever again.


“You wives must willingly obey your husbands in everything, just as the church obeys Christ.”92 Those two words “in everything” are rather broad, aren’t they? Obedience is not to be practiced only when you feel like it, or when you wholeheartedly agree with your husband, or when he is treating you with Christ-like love, but in everything! The Bible does not condition your subjection on his love, even as it did not condition his love on your subjection. You must answer to God for your own actions, and no excuse for disobeying His Word will be accepted.

“But my husband never considers my feelings. I’ve got to stand up for my rights.” Aren’t you disputing the Word and wisdom of your omniscient God? Do you think for a moment that He did not know about your circumstances when He wrote His Word? He says that you are to be in submission to your husband in everything. He must have known that this would be best for you, or He would never have asked it of you. Give your will to Him; tell Him that you are willing to be the submissive partner. Obedience to this command glorifies God richly.

You see, it’s theological debates like this that makes people leave the church because they can no longer believe in God. Then they start selling Amway and we all suffer…

* “dill weed”?

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