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Was this last election about values? Hmm…

Shakes Sis had me rolling about “Dr. Strangelove” aka David Hager. She quotes Paul at The Adventures of the Smart Patrol, and adds her own 2 cents on this perv and the GOP’s claim as the party of morality.

Paul, at his own website, commenting on Dr. Strangelove, says:

You know something? I don’t want to hear one more goddamned thing about Clinton’s blowjob. Not until these Republicans can manage to keep from raping their wives, cruising websites for sex, and engaging in pedophilia.

No shit. Not to mention having sex with farm animals, attempting to coerce their wives into exhibitionism in sex clubs, advertising their services as male escorts on the internets, having illegitimate children, and sexually harassing female coworkers, among others.

And you know what else? Here are some other things I don’t want to hear one more goddamned thing about, either:

Any negative reference to any consensual sex between two adults, married or not, of the same sex or opposite

Criminalizing any legal method of terminating a pregnancy or punishing any federally funded agency that performs, refers, educates about, or utters the word abortion

Banning or refusing to fill the prescription for any legal drug used to prevent pregnancy

Refusing to teach children proper sex education, including contraceptive options

Any further claim that the GOP is the party of moral values

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding