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David Hager, rapist, AmTaliban OB-GYN, Bush appointee

Just getting around to this turd…

Bush wants to re-appoint this AmTaliban psychopath to the Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs in the Food and Drug Administration. If you take a look at this piece in The Nation, you’ll understand why this is a world gone mad. The man repeatedly raped his wife, and all the while he is a practicing gynecologist, well-credentialed at Lexington Kentucky’s Central Baptist Hospital. Oh, and he has unorthodox ideas about PMS. To get rid of a headache, Hager suggests in his book Stress and the Woman’s Body that women consult Matthew 13:44-46 and for the woes of PMS, Romans 5:1-11.

Women, would you want a man that does this slapping the gloves on and coming at you with a speculum?

According to [former wife Linda] Davis, Hager’s public moralizing on sexual matters clashed with his deplorable treatment of her during their marriage. Davis alleges that between 1995 and their divorce in 2002, Hager repeatedly sodomized her without her consent. Several sources on and off the record confirmed that she had told them it was the sexual and emotional abuse within their marriage that eventually forced her out. “I probably wouldn’t have objected so much, or felt it was so abusive if he had just wanted normal [vaginal] sex all the time,” she explained to me. “But it was the painful, invasive, totally nonconsensual nature of the [anal] sex that was so horrible.”

Not once during the uproar over Hager’s FDA appointment did any reporter solicit the opinion of the woman now known as Linda Davis–she remarried in November 2002 to James Davis, a Methodist minister, and relocated to southern Georgia–on her husband’s record, even though she contributed to much of his self-help work in the Christian arena (she remains a religious and political conservative).

Because she was a deeply religious woman, it’s clear in the article, that the concept of marital rape was a foreign one to her; the man is in control. It is also pointed out that as recently as twelve years ago, it was legal for a man to force his wife physically into sex, or commence having sex without her consent. And in Kentucky, up until 2000, a woman was required to report spousal rape within one year of incident. The abuse continued, as Davis struggled to figure out how to make the relationship work with such a deranged man.

…Davis says she soon learned that sex could “buy” peace with Hager after a long day of arguing, or insure his forgiveness after she spent too much money. “Sex was coinage; it was a commodity,” she said. Sometimes Hager would blithely shift from vaginal to anal sex. Davis protested. “He would say, ‘Oh, I didn’t mean to have anal sex with you; I can’t feel the difference,'” Davis recalls incredulously. “And I would say, ‘Well then, you’re in the wrong business.‘”

By the 1980s, according to Davis, Hager was pressuring her to let him videotape and photograph them having sex. She consented, and eventually she even let Hager pay her for sex that she wouldn’t have otherwise engaged in–for example, $2,000 for oral sex, “though that didn’t happen very often because I hated doing it so much. So though it was more painful, I would let him sodomize me, and he would leave a check on the dresser,” Davis admitted to me with some embarrassment. This exchange took place almost weekly for several years.

The pious sick bastard fills every checkbox for hypocrisy that lands you on the Conservative Values Monitor. He is a whackjob that has no business practicing medicine, let alone determining policies at the federal level that affect women. How has this re-appointment flown under the news radar? I guess a madman with latex gloves putting his hands up a woman’s privates by day quoting ridiculous scripturally-based medical advice and raping his wife by night wasn’t a disqualifier for the Bush team.

…his religious ideology underlies an all-encompassing paternalism in his approach to his women patients. “Even though I was trained as a medical specialist,” Hager explained in the preface to As Jesus Cared for Women, “it wasn’t until I began to see how Jesus treated women that I understood how I, as a doctor, should treat them.” To underscore this revelation, Hager recounted case after case in which he acted as confidant, spiritual adviser and even father figure to his grateful patients. As laid out in his writings, Hager’s worldview is not informed by a sense of inherent equality between men and women. Instead, men are expected to act as benevolent authority figures for the women in their lives. (In one of his books, he refers to a man who raped his wife as “selfish” and “sinful.”)

…A member of Focus on the Family’s Physician Resource Council and the Christian Medical and Dental Society, Hager assisted the Concerned Women for America in submitting a “Citizen’s Petition” to the FDA in August 2002 to halt distribution and marketing of the abortion pill, RU-486. It was this record of conservative activism that ignited a firestorm when the Bush Administration first floated his name for chairman of the FDA’s advisory committee in the fall of 2002. In the end, the FDA found a way to dodge the controversy: It issued a stealth announcement of Hager’s appointment to the panel (to be one of eleven members, not chairman) on Christmas Eve.

I have to say, the more you learn about these allegedly, God-fearing Repugs, the worse it gets. The level of deviancy and depravity that is uncovered beats anything they could make up about gays and lesbians.

Check out Shakes Sis’s post on this topic, as well as an excellent DKos diary by lorraine.

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