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Base closings and the South

Chris Kromm at Durham-based Facing South/The Institute for Southern Studies analyzes the effect of the recent announcement of 180 military installation closings on the region.

Given the South’s dependence on military towns, the Pentagon’s list of proposed closings was highly anticipated in the region. But while the South would lose 62 of the 150 installations slated for closure, the region as a whole stands to gain from the Pentagon’s first major base realignment in a decade.

One of the stats provided is that Trent Lott got kicked in the teeth this time around; three bases in Mississippi are on the chopping block. North Carolina is expected to lose 4,145 at Pope Air Force base, but Fort Bragg will grow by 4,325 personnel.

Check out JJ’s post on Big Brass Blog about what’s really going on behind the closings.

The closing of military bases weakens the ability of this country to quickly respond to threats from terrorists and natural disasters. By closing the bases this administration is once again weakening this country, and for no other reason than to hide the gross negligence and miscalculations of the ongoing wars. If these closures go through, Osama Bin Laden and his cronies will be dancing with glee because they know they are succeeding in their efforts to weaken this country.

Don’t be fooled, this is the last ditch effort of this administration to avoid a draft. The last gasping breath in an effort to prove that all is well in Iraq and that the US is truly an all volunteer army. This last effort to gather bodies to throw at the rising insurgency will ultimately fail, wether it is within the remaining days of this administration or passed on to the next remains to be seen.

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Pam Spaulding

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