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Pam's House Blend hosts the Tar Heel Tavern carnival

I’m the host of the Tar Heel Tavern carnival this weekend — featuring the best of NC bloggers. What is a carnival?

A blog carnival is a regularly compiled selection of blog-posts submitted by bloggers who either belong to a particular geographical region (e.g., India, Iraq, Balkans, or North Carolina), or write on a particular topic (e.g., medicine, science, philosophy, history, religion, education, etc.), or regularly post photographs of animals (e.g, cats or dogs). If you are still not sure what a blog carnival is, check this carnival collection for some examples. The very first blog carnival, The Carnival of Vanities, was invented right here, in Chapel Hill, NC, by Bigwig of Silflay Hraka.

I’m continuing the House Blend theme of the virtual neighborhood coffee shop — a comfy place to relax, kick back and discuss events of the day, or whatever’s on your mind this week. I’ll be asking other NC bloggers to grab a cup of java, a smooth chai, or hot beverage of choice and a scone and join me!

I’ll be posting the carnival roundup on Sunday, so check back to see what other Tar Heels are blogging about.

NC bloggers: to submit a post, please use this form or email me:

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding