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Marriage wingnuttery being cultivated in South Africa too

Bigotry and ignorance continues to fester over marriage, even in a country that explicitly states in its 1996 constitution that gays and lesbian have equal rights. It’s clear that the same sorts of evangelical bullsh*t tactics and reasoning used by the AmTaliban are being applied in South Africa. Do you see the trend here? (Pretoria News):

The Marriage Alliance of South Africa has thrown its weight behind the government’s attempts to have a Supreme Court of Appeal’s judgment allowing same-sex marriages reversed.

The organisation said at a media briefing in Pretoria yesterday that it had been granted an application by Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalson to be admitted as “friends of the court” when the Constitutional Court hears the case of the Minister of Home Affairs vs Fourie and Bonthuys on Tuesday.

Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has challenged the Supreme Court of Appeal’s judgment, in which the common law definition of marriage was developed to include same-sex couples, effectively legalising same-sex marriages in South Africa.

The alliance stated that steps to redefine marriage were unnecessary, as marriage was by its nature a heterosexual institution. The organisation submitted that rather than strengthening marriage, the redefinition would actually undermine and ultimately destroy marriage in its traditional and currently recognised form. Furthermore, the attempt to redefine marriage was an encroachment on religious freedom.

“Contrary to the assertion that religious officers will not be compelled to solemnise the marriages of same-sex partners, there is an underlying threat that this is not the case, as has been shown in other countries where same-sex marriage has been adopted,” the organisation stated.

It also said that to redefine marriage as the union of any two persons was not to pull gay men and lesbians into marriage as it is known, but to pull married men and women into a “genderless marriage”. Dr Michael Cassidy, international leader of the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa, said marriage as an institution was being “assaulted” from many quarters.

…”The Supreme Court of Appeal’s judgment is wrong because we believe that marriage provides a social thread that should not be broken,” said Cassidy. He said marriage was a proper place for nurturing children. “Children develop best within the context of a family, where there is a biological mother and father,” said Cassidy.

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Pam Spaulding