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Lil’ Michelle Malangaharanguealot is in a complete snit because Dana Milbank is making shit up. Well, not making stuff up like Judith Miller but, you know, making stuff up:

Well, now there’s Dana Milbank at the Washington Post with the new “My Pet Goat.” Just take a look at the headline on his snark-infested piece on how the White House handled yesterday’s air scare:

The President

On a Bicycle in Beltsville, Blissfully Unaware


Milbank has a bee in his bonnet over the president’s exercise regimen. These people can’t make up their minds. First, Bush is too lazy and slothful. Now, he works out too much. He overreacts to terror threats. He underreacts to terror threats.

Question: How does Milbank know whether Bush was “blissful?” Did he ask him? Is he a mind-reader? Why isn’t this hit-piece on the op-ed page or at least disingenuously labeled “analysis?”

From the offending article:

When the state of red alert was declared yesterday, the vice president was evacuated from the White House and the first lady was whisked to a secure location. But no precautions were needed for President Bush.

He was out at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Beltsville, riding his bicycle — at noon on a Wednesday — blissfully unaware. “The decision was made to inform the president upon conclusion of his bike ride,” Bush press secretary Scott McClellan said later.

So, really it’s not that Milbank has a bee in his bonnet so much as the fact that Michelle has a stick up her ass, but then we all knew that.

We’ll assume that President Equine Reacharound actually did know about the scare using the same God-given superduper powers that allowed him to deduce that the Mission was Accomplished two years ago. Unfortunately, the evildoers just don’t know it yet.

They must be blissfully unaware too…

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