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Interesting things in the mailbag…

* Elise at After School Snack pointed me to some wingnuttery — Oklahoma’s House of Representatives passed of a resolution that would ban books on gay families from the children’s sections of public libraries. It asks Oklahoma libraries to “confine homosexually themed books and other age-inappropriate material to areas exclusively for adult access and distribution.” Sounds like those folks have been talking to Alabama’s Gerald Allen, who wants to bury books with any references to homosexuality, or authored by homos.

Hutcherson photo art via Mike Tidmus.

* Mike Tidmus has a hilarious post about Pastor Ken Hutcherson, who was the AmTaliban representative trying to (almost successfully) make Microsoft buckle to the Right.

“When [Microsoft] stepped out and tried to make their [anti-discrimination] policy my policy and other companies’ policy and the state’s policy, they stepped into a den of snakes and I was the main cobra.”

Like a lot of people I applauded Hutcherson’s honesty when he admitted to being a snake.

When Microsoft denied their decision (to discontinue full support for a Washington State gay civil rights bill) was based on the threat of a nationwide Christian boycott made by Hutcherson, Kenny the Cobra cast the first stone and publicly called them liars. He then proceeded to belittle the behemoth corporation, “If I got God on my side, what’s a Microsoft? What’s a Microsoft? It’s nothing.”

Nothing but billions in the bank and an unshakable customer base, Ken. And, if you’ve got God on your side, bring on the boils, the frogs and the blood-red Perrier.

Mike also found a gem of an article by Hutch, who teams up with an Orthodox Rabbi to write a bizarre opinion piece on WingNutDaily. You have to read it to believe it.

* Also, head over to Big Brass Blog because JJ has even more sleaze on Spokane Mayor Jim West. It just doesn’t stop:

I am still working on the number of interns that were appointed by Mayor West. If in fact as my source tells me, 11 to 12 young men who were appointed in an effort to get them into bed that will likely come out in the FBI investigation. (Even in my slut years I didn’t date 12 people in six months).

It looks to me like the outing of Mayor West has made him realize what persecution of gays is actually like.

Anyone have other interesting things that you’ve come across today that you want to share?

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