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Freeper 'surprises' on the anti-gay marriage rally in Raleigh

I had to run this pic again; the ignorant knuckle-draggers don’t know the contraction for “isn’t.”

There was a Blend post a bit earlier on the media coverage of the few hundred wingnuts, mostly imports, that rallied at the Legislative Building in Raleigh on Tuesday in support of a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages.

I was looking for Freeper reaction on it — and I found the usual drivel there — but you’ll see that there are a couple of quotes that are surprising, even encouraging in terms of the strategy that can be used in the equality movement — and it’s what the Reich fears most.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“This same-sex marriage stuff should be deeply troubling to all of us here. Yet another example of how liberalization of our morals and values will lead to the destruction of the republic. I’m afraid. Very afraid”

“I think an anti-gay marriage amendment is the will of the people of NC, but the Democrats control the governorship and both houses of the state legislature. NC is funny, as it usually goes for the Republican presidential candidate, but hardly ever fails to give the Democrats control on the state level (Republicans elected to governor only 3 times since the Civil War, I think, with Holhouser in ’72 and Jim Martin in ’84 & ’88). The GOP did take control of the NC General Assembly (both houses) in 1994, but has lost it to the Democrats over the last few elections.”

“Judges do not do these things in a vacuum. They have a constituency, sometimes a “silent majority” one. Abortion is just one example. If Planned Parenthood can be believed, nearly half of the adult public has been involved in abortion since the SC overturned all the state laws against it. But we don’t have to go that far to find comparable examples. Here on FreeREpublic, we just had two lengthy threads about the anti-cohabitation law in your state. All the libertarian types came out of the woodwork again screaming about the oppressive government trying to take away their rights to screw whomever they wanted, whenever they wanted. The gay-is-great types easily tap into this mentality . . . and take it to court with them.”

“As this is an Associated Press article, there must have been THOUSANDS there [no, there were not thousands, wishful thinking], as the left-wing media outlet stated that “hundreds rallied”. I wish I would have seen the rally advertised on here somewhere, as I was off today and would have gone.”

[personal experiences with gays alert]
In my small town, there are at least 3 sets of alleged “gay couples”. Even though this is a strict Baptist, God-fearing community, people generally accept them and do not cause them any grief (which they should do). I feel that what they do behind closed doors is their own business, so long as they do not involve minors or anything like that. I do have a problem when some of the gays that try to force their decadent lifestyle “down our throats” (excuse the pun) with their gay pride rallies, indoctrination of children in the schools/on television, other “in your face” tactics. And when they try to re-write a clearly black-and-white issue such as marriage, then I have major problems.

[personal experiences with gays alert]
It’s no secret on this site- my wife & I have lived next door to a couple of gay gals since 1987- and they are perfectly good neighbors, and nice folks, to boot. Quiet, keep to themselves, but if you need a hand, they’ll help you out- and whatever they do together, they keep it private. I really do believe in live & let live. As you said, it’s the over-the-top, in your face characters who are very annoying.

Those “personal experiences” with gays are proof positive why people need to come out. If there are Freepi that can attest to the fact that gays and lesbians can be “good neighbors and nice folks” their virulent hatred and ignorance really have nowhere to go. It gets displaced onto this abstract “in your face” gay character that is somehow different from the gay people they do know.

Those quotes are clearly not a complete change of heart, but remember, these are people on the fringe Right. They shouldn’t even be expressing this level of acceptance. This is what the Right fears. Softening opinions and opening minds, one at a time…even in Freeperland.

Softening opinions means the vast majority of people in the center, if exposed to gay people on a personal level (leaving out the self-loathers, who do as much harm to the cause as a Dobson or Falwell), can be educated about what the real civil rights issues are and how granting them takes nothing away from their marriages or affects their lives in a fundamental way.

We can move forward on this front only if the establishment Dems can stop shuffling and jiving on this issue and become coherent and committed.

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