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Dobson, Freepers want Trent Lott's hide

Watch your back, Trent: Dobson says conservative-without-equal Lott is sabotaging the Repugs on “the nuclear option.”

Repugs like Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS) better not mess with the AmTaliban — they’ll turn on you in a flash. WorldNutDaily is reporting that Focus on the Family’s James Dobson is pissed at him, and shared his thoughts with fellow Talibaner Don Wildmon of the American Family Association (see the AFA’s campaign to smear Kraft in an earlier post).

Dr. James Dobson, the influential founder of Focus on the Family, has just about had it with former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, whom he accused of cutting a deal with Democrats in the upper house that would preserve their right to filibuster judicial nominees.

Dobson told another pro-family leader, American Family Association’s Don Wildmon, in a radio interview yesterday that he was “disgusted and alarmed” about the deal he heard about from a “totally reliable source.”

According to Dobson, the Lott deal with the Democrat leadership would prevent Majority Leader Bill Frist from invoking the constitutional option – sometimes referred to as the “nuclear option” – to stop the Democrats’ continued filibuster against the president’s conservative judicial nominees.

I don’t remember being so disgusted and alarmed by what I just had confirmed in the Senate as I am now,” Dobson said. “Senator Trent Lott is about to sabotage Majority Leader Frist and cut a separate deal with the Democrats to preserve the filibuster of judges.”

So what do you think the Freepi have to say about this? Wading into the sewer of Freeperland…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

Just like the deal Lott made not to impeach Clinton!!!! Dr. Dobson is right about being disgusted with the former Ole Miss cheerleader. Lott needs to shut up, he no longer has any power.”

“Whatever reputation Lott has or has had in doomed for the toilet of history if this comes to pass. Also if he succeeds he can count on a whole lot of repubs to work against him if he ever runs for anything again. Hey Lott you girlie cheerleader p.o.s.”

“You cannot make deals with those lacking the honor to keep their end of it, and they won’t. NO DEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Lott needs to answer thewse questions:
1. Who do you think you work for, anyway?
2. Who elected you…the democrats?
3. Did you bother to poll your base to see what THEY want out of a “deal” with the democrats?
4. Did you poll your base to see if they WANTED a deal with the democrats?
5. Do you think so little of us Republicans that you think we are ALL spineless wimps like you?
6. Do you think so little of your Republican colleagues…the conservative ones, anyway, that you feel you can jeopardize their re-election campaigns because you want to cut-and-run?”

“Trent Lott is a Democrat with fake elephant ears and a trunk pasted onto his head. Any conservative would “

“Trent Lott still has that Ole Miss snob attitude. Someone needs to take him aside and inform him that he is a has been.”

“One could ask those same questions of so-called “conservative” John McCain.”

“Trent Lott…

…say it ain’t so”!!!

“If that mincing little faggot did this to us, not enough bad stuff can happen to him.”

“At some point after enough of this has gone on with Lott, if his true colors are those of the liberal left in this country. The spineless jellyfish explanation can only go so far.”

“Looks like Trent is considering dropping out of politics; us Mississippi voters are certainly waiting for the opportunity to help him make the transition.”

“Yesterday, Lott’s office was saying that ‘he’ didn’t release the statement about the ‘deal in the making’. However, reports from Capitol Hill said the ‘reporting’ came from Lott’s office (as in his Chief of Staff or other high staff member). So, Lott seems to be doing a Kerry — letting his staff take the heat for releasing info about the ‘deal in the making’.”

“It may be time to think about a “Daschle” for ole’ Trent. Hello Club For Growth? Let’s put a real conservative in Trent’s seat. He sucked as senate majority leader, and he has obviously learned nothing but how to put on panties for his friends the demoncrats. What a complete POS!!”

“I suggest that any Republican that cuts a deal with the Democrats and there is no up and down vote should be recalled.”

“Back when LOTT as Senate “Majority/Minority” Leader was going through the Strom dustup, I called our Senators and advocated FOR his removal as such, not so much for his verbal indiscretion as for his consistant incompetence and, as far as I could tell, total LACK of any “leadership” skills! And it does not appear that he’s learned much since then, either. “

“Unfortunately, R’s can’t seem to act like a “majority” and the Dems get to pretty much rule as if they were still the majority, mainly due to a gaggle of turncoat “moderate” (i.e. Pro-Prenatal INfanticide) RINOs. “

“And I suspect that RINO’s pivotal issue is the same as their Sociocrat “Colleages”, by and large. That’s why they don’t want Constitutional Judges on the bench any more than the Dems do. “

“So – what are we going to do about that, I wonder? CAN anything be done?”

“I am beginning to like Dr. Dobson a lot!… Because he is taking active leadership for our conservative issues. forget about the Catholic C – which I am part of, sort of [smile] – the CC will always be a liberal organization, especially here in the U.S. The see every problem in terms of God’s point of view (and can one argue with that? so, fine by me), but for political purposes, I would like to support (with $), someone who goes out ther and fight for our causes, like Dr. Dobson. What do you all think?”

“There has been a rumor amoung certain circles that Lott is doing some dirty work for Frist. Frist can’t herd in the Rinos, but he has to hold a vote. If Lott does enough “freelancing” to botch the vote, then blame for the failure moves towards Lott and away from Frist. Lott has a safe seat and no realistic shot for higher office or a leadership position, so he is the ideal high profile Senator to take the heat for the Constitutional option failing. Frist can give off the appearance that he did everything within his power to win the vote. Dobson is being played. The vote will fall just short and Frist will say to Dobson: if your base can just deliver a couple of more Senators in 2006, we can get this done then. The Republicans need Dobson’s base but can only be assured of getting it if there is a carrot just slightly out of reach. They’ve dangled that carrot just slightly out of reach for at least 30 years now.”

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