As opposed to the vapid war lust of the essential coward

John Podhoretz whom we mentioned here reveals himself to be a fanboy who does his fightin’ and brawlin’ at the movies:

Warren, it’s all there, but believe me, the movie’s plot is so confused that it doesn’t really matter. At one point, Natalie Portman complains that “this war happened because of a failure to listen.” But the war she’s talking about was started by the good guys! It was the Jedi who secretly built the Clone army that appeared in the movie before this upcoming one. And, of course, the Rebellion that Luke Skywalker joined in the first trilogy was conducting a war against the Evil Empire which included blowing up Death Stars and arming Teddy Bears. Evidently 25 years into the Star Wars empire, George Lucas decided he just doesn’t like war. Now he tells us. The whole confusion is reminiscent of the last Matrix movie, which is all about a noble truce between our heroes and the computers that have been using all of humanity as batteries. So that a few people could survive to have orgies in the underground city of Zion, billions of people had to remain in the Matrix. Inadvertently, both Lucas and the Wachowski brothers (who wrote and directed the Matrix movies) reveal with their brainless anti-Bushism the essential cowardly vapidity of pacifism.

Kinda makes you want to rinse your brain out with a Medved review, doesn’t it…

Okay. Maybe not.

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