Not that we’re above that sort of thing…

Since we’re not familiar with the work of Roger Kimball (and, in all probability, will remain in ignorant Kimball-less bliss after reading his reference to “Gandhi and his rabble” as addressed here) we found it interesting that Mr. Kimball decided to take a pot-shot at the late Andrea Dworkin by posting a link to her picture to prove whatever point it was that he was straining to make.

As for her being pitiable, what do you think? Here she is on the subject of sexual intercourse; and here she is in propria persona, as it were.

Ahem. Here is Mr. Roger Kimball.

Now we’ll be the first to admit that we’re not above posting or linking to a picture and making a snotty comment or four to make whatever point that we are straining to make. And Jebus knows we’re probably not as smart as Mr. Kimball who is Managing Editor of The New Criterion and an art/book/cultural critic and probably a very good Jenga player if not a Grand Master. But we are smart enough to know that one shouldn’t make snide references to another’s looks when the internet contains a picture of oneself looking like a roll-on deodorant with glasses.

And that is why we treasure our anonymity as well as our rugged good looks.

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