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The politicking NC mountain pastor gives himself the boot

Chan Chandler got the message from above to get the hell out of Dodge, er, East Waynesville.

We posted a couple of days ago about the dumb*ss pastor of East Waynesville Baptist Church, you know, the knucklehead that “excommunicated” followers with “Democratic tendencies” if they didn’t vote for Chimpy (since a vote for Kerry was a vote for abortion and support of homos).

On Sunday he attempted damage control saying the flap over the church members’ dismissal was “a great misunderstanding” and he tried to welcome them back into the fold. No one bought that line – the dismissed members, who attended the service with their lawyer said there was no misunderstanding so Chan’s the one walking away instead… (Herald-Sun):

“I am resigning with gratitude in my heart for all of you, particularly those of you who love me and my family,” the Rev. Chan Chandler said during a meeting at East Waynesville Baptist Church.

Congregants of the 100-member church in western North Carolina have said that Chandler endorsed Bush from the pulpit during last year’s presidential campaign and announced that anyone who planned to vote for Democratic nominee John Kerry needed to “repent or resign.” Speaking from the pulpit Tuesday night, Chandler opened the meeting with prayer before telling the gathered congregation that, “For me to remain now would only cause more hurt for me and my family.”

He then left with his wife and drove away from the church escorted by police. A few moments later, about 40 of his supporters — many in tears — came out of the church while the nine ousted members and about two dozen other church members remained inside for about 40 minutes to pray and talk.

“I don’t believe he preached politics,” said Rhonda Trantham, one of Chandler’s supporters. “I don’t believe anyone should tell a preacher not to preach what’s in the Bible.”

Frank Lowe, one of the nine to leave, said: “I think his duty was to preach God’s word and let the people sort out what they want to do.”

Chandler attorney, John J. Pavey Jr., said Chandler has not apologized for anything he said and would continue to speak out against abortion. He said the dispute inside the church had nothing to do with politics, a contention seconded Tuesday by Chandler’s supporters. “The only thing I wanna say is that everything that’s been in the press is a lie,” said Misty Turner. “I have never bowed down to Chan. I’ve only bowed down to the Lord.” Asked if she would remain a member of East Waynesville, she said, “I’m not going to serve with the ungodly.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding