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Southern Baptists: investigate the homo agenda in schools

Minister Voddie Baucham’s web site touts him as the seemingly oxymoronic “evangelist to intellectuals.” As you can see, with the above pic there, we have yet another black pastor beating the homo-hating drum out there…

Ah, I needed my dose of wingnuttery from the American Taliban propaganda organ AgapePress today. A resolution to investigate “the influence of the homosexual agenda in the nation’s public schools” will be heard at the upcoming Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville.

Sponsors of the resolution — Southern Baptist preacher Dr. Voddie Baucham, and author Bruce Shorrt — contend that parents are often unaware of what is being taught to their children under the guise of promoting tolerance, safety, diversity, and multiculturalism. Baucham says the objective of the resolution is to “shine the light of truth in the dark corners of our schools and force our brethren to take a long, hard, honest look at what we have tolerated for far too long.”

According to a press release from the group Exodus Mandate, the resolution encourages every church in the SBC to determine if any schools in their local school district have either a homosexual club or any curriculum or program that “attempts to influence children to accept homosexual behavior as a legitimate lifestyle.” If such clubs or material are found, Southern Baptist churches would be urged to let parents in the community know, and to encourage them to remove their children from the district’s school immediately. The Baucham-Shorrt resolution also commends Christians who are currently working in the public school system, encourages Southern Baptists to support educational alternatives to government schools, calls for Baptists to pray for homosexuals, and rebukes homosexual activists for “slandering” minorities by claiming that homosexual behavior has any authentic connection with the civil rights movement. The SBC’s Annual Meeting takes place in the Tennessee capital on June 21-22.

You have to take a look at this resolution. Some of the folks backing this are familiar to you if you’re a regular House Blender. The crap is unbelievable…

* Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth and Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute,, 630-790-8370: “I have monitored the homosexual movement for 15 years, with special focus on its campaign to penetrate schools…Most parents, especially those living near big cities, simply have no clue as to the many ways that the ‘sexual orientation’ agenda works its way into their children’s education.”

[He’s the nutcase that feels the Religious Right is “in the closet”, being persecuted by the pagans, atheists and homos that are allegedly in charge of everything and that the fundies are being persecuted.]

* Linda Harvey, President, Mission America, Columbus, OH,, (614) 442-7998: “Based on my 10 years of tracking and researching the growth of homosexual activism in public schools, I know that very few parents are aware that the majority of public school districts are selling our children the dangerous and false notion that homosexuality is a normal and acceptable lifestyle.”

[I’ve not heard of her before. Here’s a snippet of her bio, full of ties to the usual suspect AmTaliban organizations: “She has contributed to materials published by Focus on the Family, and has been a speaker at their “Love Won Out” youth conferences. She is interviewed regularly by AFA Radio, CNS News, SRN News, the Beverly La Haye Show, and has spoken at national conferences for Concerned Women for America, Heartbeat International, and Reclaiming America. She was a featured speaker in 2002 at a Capitol Hill forum sponsored by the Culture and Family Institute of Concerned Women for America on the topic of the homosexual agenda in American schools.”]

* Robert Knight, director, Culture & Family Institute, an affiliate of Concerned Women for America (202) 488-7000: “Under the rubric of “diversity,” “tolerance,” “safe schools,” and AIDS education, homosexual activists are selling a pansexual agenda right under parents’ noses. They gain access to public schools by initiating something with obvious appeal, such as the anti-bullying program “No Name-Calling Week.” Such projects are a Trojan horse for promoting homosexuality as normal and inevitable for some kids. Parents then find themselves being accused of bigotry for trying to steer children away from a set of behaviors whose risks are well documented. By the time it reaches that stage, the activists and their materials are entrenched in the school system.”

[This dude is off the wingnut scale: “Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute says he is well aware of the huge effect being exerted by the homosexual population of DC. “I myself have talked to people who have been in the ‘gay lifestyle’ and in Washington and have since left it — and they said that it’s a lot bigger than people realize.”]

* Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, M.S., M.D., Department of Politics, Princeton University and Laboratoire de la Physique de la Matiére Condensée, Université de Nice USA+1 (203) 221-0031 “Any program, club, or curriculum that signals to students that homosexual behavior is ‘just another lifestyle’ places children at tremendous risk. Data from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that for boys and young men in North America who identify themselves as homosexual even if the identification is only temporary, which as has been documented in numerous large-scale sociological studies in America, France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, as is the case with the majority of such self-identified homosexuals – the risk of being either HIV positive or dead by age 30 may now be as high as 65%.”

[Another discredited “scientist”, Satinover is the author of “Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth” and specializes in “reparative therapy” for gays, saying the American Psychiatric Association was misled into removing homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in 1973.]

* Dr. Warren Throckmorton, Associate Professor of Psychology, Grove City College 724-458-3787, “As a result of over 20 years of clinical experience and academic research concerning education and sexual orientation, it is clear that schools are increasingly being used by groups such as the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) as focal points for their advocacy. Instruction time is being given over to political activism, much of which has as its purpose to change traditional beliefs concerning sexuality. Most parents have no idea that this is going on or that publi
c school officials collaborate with political activists to attempt to alter the beliefs of school children.”

[Throckmorton‘s science has been discredited, yet the Religious Reich forced the reversal of a decision by the country’s largest mental health management company, Magellan Health Services, to boot this ‘ex-gay’ advocate Dr. Warren Throckmorton from its advisory board.]

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