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'Jesus Christ' wants a driver's license

This religious gentleman wants his name changed on his driver’s license to Jesus Christ, but he’s having a bit of trouble with the courts. So what if his name offends some people? What legal reasoning does a judge have to prevent him from changing his name to this? (CNN):

Attempts to prove his name really is Christ have led the man born as Peter Robert Phillips Jr. through a lengthy legal battle and a recent victory in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

“This all started with him expressing his faith and his respect and love for Jesus Christ,” attorney A.P. Pishevar told The Associated Press. “Now he needs to document it for legal reasons.”

…Christ applied for the legal name change in May 2003, but it was denied by District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Tim Murphy because “taking the name of Jesus Christ may provoke a violent reaction or may significantly offend people.”

In his appeal, Christ’s attorney argued that Phillips had changed his name to Jesus Christ 15 years earlier, and “has been using the name since then without incident.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding