I have always depended on the kindness of
strangers…to protect me from my hormones.

You know us silly women. Always making rash decisions.
Like this hairstyle, for example… Posted by Hello

Mary Perdue, or as I’m sure she calls herself Mrs. Governor Sonny Perdue or possibly “the old ball and chain”, made herself available to the media today to promote her husbands signing of the “Hold On There Babycakes. Perhaps You Oughta Think This Over While You Make Me A Sandwich And Fetch Me A Cold One” bill (really…that’s what they called it:

Gov. Sonny Perdue gave his approval Tuesday to a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions, a measure long pushed by his fellow Republicans but blocked by Democrats while they had control of the Legislature.

The measure was approved in March by the first Legislature under Republican control in Georgia since Reconstruction.

Perdue called it “a commonsense approach to a sensitive issue” and said it reflects “the mainstream values that Georgians share.” With his signature, it became law and onlookers from the faith community, assembled in his office, applauded.

The law requires a woman seeking an abortion to make contact in person or on the telephone with the doctor’s office at least one day before the procedure.

Now you’ll notice that his office is full of “onlookers from the faith community” which isn’t quite the same as, say, OB-GYN’s, or members of the medical community or women’s health advocates. Nope. It the usual gaggle of Jeebus-Americans and fetus fetishists and the rest of the rightwing righteous riff-raff, the kind of people who could give a popcorn fart about women’s health issues… which brings us to Mary as she pops her perky little Stepford head into the room and gives it a big thumbs up before running off to make some of her famous Rice Krispie treats after her husband sends her out of the room so the grownups can talk:

Mary Perdue, the governor’s wife, opened the bill signing ceremony by declaring, “This is a wonderful occasion, a wonderful bill for the people of Georgia. And this is and has long been a conviction of Sonny’s and mine that all life is valuable and has to be protected.”

Taking control of the microphone, Perdue called it an empowering bill for women. “This legislation affirms that women have the right to be made aware of the risks of abortions as well as the risk of carrying a child to term. Women also have the right to learn about all the other options available to them in the event of an unwanted pregnancy.”

Roe v. Wade empowers a woman to make her own decision on whether to carry a fetus to term. Perdue’s bill says “Whoa there, little filly. You can’t be trusted to make a decision that affects only you without us stepping in and forcing you to sit in a chair in the corner for a time-out, some reflection, and maybe a little mental phonecall from JC his own bad-self”.

Silly women. Rights are for men…

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