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So much to catch up on…

We’re doing physical inventory of all of books and journals that we publish at Duke Press; the staff goes down to the warehouse and starts counting. It will be going on all week. I actually just got home and have to turn around and go back out for a business dinner (after showering all the dust and cobwebs off!).

What’s been going on today? I’ve gotten a few tips on things so far from Blenders in my inbox:

* Scott points to Holy War, by Bob Moser of the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s an excellent article on the Religious Reich’s obsession with homos.”The religious crusade against gays has been building for 30 years. Now the movement is reaching truly biblical proportions.”

* Sandra sent a link to a Boston Phoenix article on Bush’s house homophobe, by David Bernstein. “The Office of Special Counsel exists to protect federal workers from job discrimination and whistle-blowing retaliation. Here’s how Scott Bloch turned it into a haven for gay-bashing and partisan politics.”

* Holly found a BBC article covering the “hate case” of Ake Green. “Sweden’s Supreme Court has said it will review the acquittal of a Pentecostal pastor who denounced homosexuality as “a deep cancer” in a sermon. Ake Green was convicted of hate crimes in June 2004 and given a 30-day suspended prison sentence.” Other deep thoughts by Green:
— He warned that Sweden risked a natural disaster because of its tolerance of homosexuality.
— “Homosexuality is something sick,” Mr Green said, comparing it to pedophilia and bestiality.
— He said gays were likely to rape children and animals

* Fellow Bloggrrrl Ms. Julien reminded me that Charlotte Pride was this past weekend, and that AmTaliban group Operation Save America disrupted the event. OSA “harassed people entering a city park. On the sidewalk the group set up a loudspeaker system to preach and play religious music in an attempt to drown out the Pride celebration.” I’ve covered the wingnuttery of OSA head Rev. Philip “Flip” Benham before on the Blend.

* Mike Tidmus, my hotline to the wittiest Photoshop political wizardry, passed along an online petition effort that good old pious Flip above surely knows about by now. Oops…

Scott Heldreth of Kannapolis, North Carolina; is a sex offender. More importantly, Heldreth is out of compliance with registration requirements in Florida and North Carolina. Heldreth was found guilty of two counts of child rape in 1992 while a tudent at Ohio University. He later moved to Illinois, where in 1999 he was rrested for harassing an abortion doctor…Heldreth has taken part in several Operation Save America outreaches to high schools in the Charlotte area. While we would like to think that Heldreth didn’t inform you about his past, the fact remains that a sex offender was in a position where he could have had contact with minors–both at these outreaches, at OSA protests, and at the protests at Terri’s hospice.”

* Speaking of Mike T., he has a hilarious Bush image up today:

Audiences responded with wild enthusiasm during President George W. Bush’s recent visit.

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