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JJ exposes the Pacific Northwest Pedophiles

My colleague JJ over at Big Brass Blog is kicking *ss on the outing and misdeeds of Spokane Mayor Jim West. The latest installment ties West to a cabal of pedophiles. He’s there doing local research on this and is getting the scoop. You must go take a look at this. A snippet:

I ventured down to Spokane City Hall Friday afternoon but there was not much going on. They shut and locked the doors around 5:30 with the mayor still inside. The city council called in an outside agency to begin an investigation last night and discovered that Mayor West had in fact used his work computer during business hours to solicit sex on Pretty sure that will be the nail in his coffin as far as employment with the city of Spokane goes.

The sordid history of what I am going to call “The Pacific Northwest Pedophiles” a very exclusive club of politicians, sheriffs, clergy and Scoutmasters. The group got together in the 70s to prey on young at risk youth and is composed of Jim West, sheriff and scout master at the time, his good friend David Hahn, sheriff, George E. Robey, scoutmaster and Reverend Patrick O’Donnell, Catholic priest, liaison to the Boy Scouts AND chaplain to the Spokane Police Department. The Pacific Northwest Pedophiles were all involved with the same scout troop and have ties or have been friends since the 1960s.

The group (ALLEGEDLY) began their rein of terror on Spokane youth in the late 70s. I will leave the victims names out at this point, there are 2 convicted felons who have claimed that Jim West molested them in the 70s however, and these allegations are not substantiated at this time. Since my first report on Thursday at least 5 more men have come forward to make claims against Jim West and/or the Pac NW Pedophiles!

When confronted in 1981 with the allegations of sexually molesting children, David Hahn took a gun and blew his brains out. One of his victims has claimed he witnessed the suicide.

Eight months later, George E. Robey also offed himself with a bullet to the head.

There’s a lot more to this, so go read.

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