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Chimpy, please stop the dick-wagging

Does Chimpy really want to go over there a play “mine is bigger” with nutbag Kim Jong-Il and blow sh*t up when we don’t even have enough troops to fight his fiasco in Iraq? Jeebus.

The United States warned that any nuclear weapons test by North Korea would be considered a provocative act, as reports suggested the Stalinist state could stage an underground nuclear experiment.

…NBC television, without citing sources, said the US military has drawn up plans for a possible preemptive strike against North Korea should Pyongyang appear ready to test a nuclear weapon. The Pentagon has had B2 stealth bombers and F15e fighter jets on alert in the Pacific since September, as part of a contingency plan, the report said, adding that US allies in the region strongly oppose the military option.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding