The Doughy Pantload clocks back in

Ah Jonah. Back from Atlanta and always with the bon mot:

WOLCOTT [Jonah Goldberg]

Later he indulges in “guy talk” with the Derb:

HOOTER’S GALS [Jonah Goldberg]

Derb – My gal was having a fine time until I asked her if she thought Fabianism was a gnostic heresy.

To which she replied, “ask me that when you can do it while making eye contact.”

Ooooo. How delightfully saucy and risque…But now it’s time to earn his keep:

ONCOLOGY BLEG [Jonah Goldberg]
A while back an oncologist answered a question about something or other for me. I have a new question for him — or any other oncologist — but it’s not for public consumption and I lost his email address. Note: I’m okay and so is everyone else in the family (it’s about a non-urgent situation a friend is in). Still, if you’ve got a minute for some free advice I’d love to pick your brain.

He wants medical advice…and he’s not going to pay retail.

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