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Phelps adventures in hate-filled animation

Jeremy of Good as You pointed me to on of the most heinous animated bits ever, over at I went and watched that filth, linked from the God Hates Fags web site. It was just awful — one has to hope it was produced by the Phelps crowd because of its raw bigotry, but based on the calibre of low-synapse-firing individuals that came to protest here in Durham, I’d venture a guess that it was contracted out. As Jeremy said:

Have you ever asked yourself, “Self, what if the folks at JibJab made another political cartoon, but before doing so were to remove their souls, morals, intellect, decency, and common sense?”

Well, this looks like something from JibJab, but I doubt they’d want to have any association with this crap. The animated video featuring a gay man falling from the WTC, various political figures burning in hell, and lots of damnation. The reason why it seems Phelpsian is that even “mainstream” religious figures are portrayed as deviants and sex maniacs — Jerry Falwell (in S*M gear), the (dead) Pope, Billy Graham, etc.

I need some Tums.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding