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More on the secret life of outed gay homo-bigot Jim West

Oh, it gets sleazier.

Over at Big Brass Blog, JJ continues his coverage with The Dirty Little Secret Life Of Mayor Jim West. It elaborates on his extensive cruising on at night, while shooting down gay anti-discrimination legislation by day. Sick. A snippet:

Keep in mind that Mayor West has admitted to visiting chat rooms and owning a profile on In this chat Jim West allegedly posed under the profile of “Therightbi-guy” the name of the person he was chatting with has been changed to “dannyboy”. This chat was not with the investigator, instead, was allegedly with a young member of the community that the mayor had already hooked up with. From the Spokesman Review, chat occurred 11/30/04: (some of the trivial drivel has been edited out by JJ)

dannyboy: is this jimmy?
therightbi-guy: jimmy?
therightbi-guy: don’t go by one ever calls me that.
dannyboy: jim?
dannyboy: is that better?
dannyboy: or james
dannyboy: or Mr. W.
therightbi-guy: yes
dannyboy: like the prez
dannyboy: i think I need to go j/o
dannyboy: then go tobed
therightbi-guy: i’d love to help
therightbi-guy: did i ever tell you that you kiss really well.
dannyboy: so… are you a full time man lover?
therightbi-guy: no
dannyboy: why not?
therightbi-guy: because i also like women.
dannyboy: hmm
therightbi-guy: just like men once in awhile.
Yeah right! JJ

therightbi-guy: can you believe that?
dannyboy: are you more into younger guys like me?
dannyboy: not really
therightbi-guy: it’s true
therightbi-guy: i like youth

Bleh. But there’s more, and good, thoughtful commentary by JJ over at B3. Recommended.

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